Saturday, January 11, 2020

Reporters believe they're reformers.

Warm and Fuzzy
Reporters believe they're reformers. They view themselves with reverence as though they were protecting the world against the forces of evil. People who evoke utopian ideas are loved by them. Reporters love the particularly the more utopian..because they embrace a "humanity" that is purely ideological regardless of whether the ideas can even work in the real world or government structures. Utopian ideas generally cannot. So the media pursues the fairy tales that make people feel good and rarely come to the place where they can reconcile that the ideas are simply warm and fuzzy fables. Election cycles are generally loaded with pithy platitudes and it is also the times that the media reveals a bias they don't even know they have because they're too self absorbed protecting us against the forces of evil. They believe they are right. A dogma that can rarely, if ever, be breached.