Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New books for my library.

New books for my library. New (old) books, I guess is more accurate.

1) Popular Monthly - the one with the binding failing is from 1885. Of course, lots of history. No pictures but lots of drawings

2) The Anatomy of Loneliness (1980) From the author written introduction: "We struggle against loneliness even before we know the adversary...Loneliness per se has no objective positive or negative value apart from subjectively experienced feelings...." I find the subject matter interesting because of the different perspectives the book offers.

3) The Lessons of History by Will and Ariel Durant. From the liner notes: "To the Durants history is not merely a warning of mans follies & crimes, but also an encouraging remembrance of generative souls..a spacious country of the mind, wherein a thousand saints, statesmen, inventors, scientists, poets, artists, musicians, lovers, and philosophers still live and speak, teach and carve and sing.."

4) On Being a Real Person by Harry Fosdick (1943). I like this because it breaks down man's cause and effect in his motives and search for personal identity but always brings it back to faith and faith's author, God (through Jesus Christ). But not in a way that would insult your intelligence as many contemporary Christian (and non-Christian) self-help books. In fact I would not classify this as a self help book in any way shape or form.