Thursday, November 22, 2018

Frankly, I don't know if they will survive.

     About two years ago I pretty much quit blogging. I also quit watching the news and quit following anything political.

I noticed something changing and was uncertain as to how or why and how to react to it. During that last presidential election it became clear that something was changing. I even wrote about it in January 2016  ("The Inevitable end of the American "Democracy."). It was clear that some long held paradigms were shifting. Not only in the USA but worldwide. I wrote that " The concepts of conservative, Republican, liberal, Democrat, socialist, left wing, right wing, and even establishment, etc are all starting to blur a bit. Frankly, I don't know if they will survive."
      And I believe the process is still changing things...though not complete. 
     But, in my time away I have reformed some thoughts and am beginning to look at all of it differently. The good news is that whatever happens or doesn't happen God remains in charge and complete control and it is that future I embrace. So, regardless of how the winds blow I hope to remain steadfast to that end. Politics is mostly a flesh and blood fight and not worth anything real in the end. It can produce some changes on the surface but it doesn't do it with or really for humanity. It does it in spite of (good or bad) because unless it touches the heart of a man it has not created anything that really lasts. That does not mean I am saying do not get involved or vote or something like that. If that is your calling than do it good and hit it hard. My activist days are pretty much behind me. I did my time in the trenches. No I'm going to do what I think I do best: observe.