Sunday, April 8, 2018

Why Manufacture Rage When You have an "Off" Switch??

In 2018 America, if someone on the radio says something to offend you we are now living in a culture which, through its actions, says the best response is to take away their livelihood...., their income..their jobs.... by getting them fired or getting their advertisers to no longer advertise with them. Do they realize that some of these "jobs" may support a family or a host of other things a person uses their income to support?.......but that is seldom considered as if the "offending" person was not really a human being at all anymore....just a target of hatred and anger. 

We can also use social media to manufacture rage at someone or something...not because we may have such strong beliefs for or against it...but just because we can. We are beginning to forget that one of the basic tenets of our Constitutional freedom is the the right to free speech. There is NO Constitutional protection to keep me from hearing something that will offend me....and nor do I want such protection. Though I do read and listen to news from the far left all the way to the far right.....if I am offended then the "OFF" switch works just fine.