Thursday, November 3, 2016

"Vote Trump" Mississippi: Where Childish Graffitti Becomes News

"Vote Trump" was painted on the remaining walls of a church which was burned in Greenville, Mississippi.
Obviously, if it were a real pro-Trump group they wouldn't have bothered leaving a graffiti calling-card.  That won't keep the media nuts who act as a pro-Hillary PAC from trying to twist it some way....but smart people are learning to ignore them.

This was a predominantly black church and this is Mississippi.  People who want to agitate LOVE to draw some kind of connection to the modern world and 1960s-Mississippi. (Including many dominant Mississippi columnists and editors).
   I hope they find the culprits because I would be interested in know how connected they are to pro-Hillary or just pure racist, race baiters...or all three.

It wasn't that long ago that some graffiti was pained on an abortion clinic in Jackson. "Graffiti" is news in Mississippi, apparently.