Thursday, November 17, 2016

Illegal Immigrants Pick & Choose Which Laws They Want to Obey

 But then, if you start out illegal, then why not?

A Yale student, Ramon Garibaldo, is an illegal immigrant who is part of  the college protest happening at some of the colleges across the USA. They are protesting president-elect Donal Trump's deportation plan. Gariboldo defiantly told an AP reporter: "My mom, my dad, they crossed the border for me to be here. So we aren't going to bow down to the orders of one man."

For an American this would be an act of treason. For a person who is defying the law and apparently feels it is his right to pick which laws he wants to follow and which not to follow this sets a very bad precedent,.

There are also some students who want to have the universities declare themselves a "sanctuary" so illegal immigrants can escape deportation. States need to pay attention to this and should any university set itself up to defy the should lose funding. Trust me, they won't be declaring themselves "sanctuaries" if they don't have their government checks.

Students..and college students nonetheless...should have some understanding of how economics works. There's no such thing as "free money" for colleges...let alone "free college." Someone has to pay. Law biding citizens..who are paying taxes....should have the ear of the government on this issue and not noisy ones who may not even be paying any taxes at all.