Thursday, November 3, 2016

About 5.85% of Pascagoula Residents PASS a tax on prepared foods.

About 1,287 people from Pascagoula, Mississippi voted in favor of a 2% tax on prepared food. AP reported that the measure won by about 60% of the vote.

Only 2,145 people voted. I was not able to locate the number of registered voters in Pascagoula, but the population is 22,240 (last census).  Granted, that means a percentage of those are not eligible to vote....but 1,287 people made the decision to favor a 2% tax on prepared food on behalf of over 22,000 people. Very roughly. about 5.85% of Pascagoula Residents PASSED a tax on prepared foods.

That's one of many reasons why "Democracy" style governments inevitably fail.