Sunday, July 3, 2016

People Need Stuff - Mississippi

Lots of people are facing hardships due to economy, unemployment, etc. and are in need of various pieces of important furniture (appliances, beds, etc).  This is on top of many weather related events.

  "People Need Stuff-Mississippi" makes this kind of stuff available--without having to go through a lot of government red tape..and to make it available at no cost to those in need.  This was born out of my personal convictions that if there's no need then the governments  will not need to be involved and they won't need to raise budgets through higher taxation and fees.  The American Spirit of benevolence and charity should NEVER go dim.

This campaign does not operate where people can just randomly come and get stuff because you never know  if there aren't just people looking for free stuff to resell...or just wanting free stuff.  Items are stored until a real need arises (no need for expensive overhead)

Help available regardless of lifestyle, race, creed, color, or religion. Just has to be a real need.

Each GoFundMe campaign just shoots as a goal of  $100.  Some campaigns do better..some not. I  also solicit for good or repairable furniture donations locally.  Any size donation is helpful.

I don't charge for any advertising on any of the web sites I oversee, I just ask for a donation to this cause at whatever amount someone can afford or are able.

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