Saturday, May 7, 2016

#NeverTrump did not lose this week: The GOP Did.

#‎NeverTrump‬ didn't lose this week. . #NeverTrump has never lost & will not lose going forward. It's getting stronger. #NeverTrump ‪#‎NotEvenOnce‬
NOW is the time for all conservatives to stand FOR the Constitution even if it's against the GOP. #NeverTrump
#NeverTrump does stand for something. It stands for sanity. It stands for honor. It stands for the Constitution

 The Republican party has long been on the road to failure with conservatives. They are to the point where they even do everything they can to defeat them even though they are members of their own party. The mess that is in DC can be easily blamed on liberal policies and Democrats, but a lot of it is now at the feet of the GOP. In the world of the GOP they think that you are a conservative if you are just slightly right of the left. So as the left moves even further does the GOP establishment. Trump, the current GOP establishment favorite, when asked, did not even know what a Conservative is. And once could write a book about how much Trump does not know about anything at all--from the Bible to the Constitution.

The Republican Party is no place for true conservatives. It's past time to exit.