Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Mississippi probably needs to audit the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency

The problem with cutting big government and downsizing it to a manageable place is that the current bloated government will resist and whine all the way. This is no better underscored then by the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency who got $.6 million cut from their budget.

  • “Is the risk that corporations will leave the state because taxes are too high, or is the risk that people will die because the Department of Safety’s budget was cut (for example)….” Lee Smithson, Executive Director of MEMA.
    The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency saw a significant budget cut from legislators in the 2016 year. Asking for no less than $3.8 million to operate they were only given $3.2 million. [Sarah Ulmer at NewsMs]

Hence, then same scenario that occurs from probably any or most all of the agencies that received any budget cuts. 
  • When lawmakers took a look at the MEMA they saw a number of jobs vacant, which is revenue not used. The amount totaled $262,000.
So MEMA's response:

  • Before they made the cut however, Smithson requested that he be allowed to fill the 13 vacant positions so that the funds would still be awarded to the agency.
So fill vacancies just so they could still get the money to pay for the vacancies???? If the vacancies are not filled then they don't need to pay $262,000  to anyone. But, in order to get $262,0000 MEMA thinks they should hire the 13 people so they can get the $262,000 and pay it to the 13 people. And they are whining about that??

The first thing that need to be done to address this "problem" is do an audit of MEMA. There's nothing unfair about doing that. There's nothing crazy about suggesting an state funded organization be specially audited just because it does help people. It's a matter of simple accountability.