Sunday, April 24, 2016

Lies, Corruption & Video Tape @ Rankin County, Mississippi Republican Convention

Below are a few FaceBook comments from attendees of the Rankin County, Mississippi convention. Three of them were not published on a public forum, so I didn't provide attribution without their approval.  These are only excerpts:

  • I think I have a great way to paint a better picture of what occurred in Rankin County convention by Dictatorship yesterday for everyone. It would be almost like I delete every single one of you, put posts up about y'all, instruct y'all and others what we will and won't do, keep my profile open to world view but not allow one of you to voice your opinions, thoughts or recognize your existence!
    Now take that and multiply in by 50 and imagine it happening right in front of your eyes & ears in the flesh.....
    Imagine following the rules, the process, standing up, making motion after motion or seconding another's motion to only be COMPLETELY IGNORED!
    Imagine the chairman aka Gestapo head guy in Rankin yesterday actually looking you in your eyes and saying he doesn't have to recognize you, my blood was boiling and you know why?
    Because for the first time I truly "witnessed & experienced" firsthand, in our face the RANKIN MACHINE in full blown corruption mode and it was like nothing I have ever seen and I was furious because we had NO VOICE, NO REPRESENTATION!


     I have been trying to find the positives from today and there's only a couple in my eyes: supporters from ALL the candidates for POTUS came together in UNITY, I was with fellow Patriots who stood the gap beside each other, about 1/3 of the regular establishment folks have now turned their backs on a Rankin GOP after what occurred today and I saw more people engaged than ever before....But to NO AVAIL and by none in RANKIN that is exactly what I mean-we got 0 Conservative Delegates on the Executive County Committee and 0 Conservative Delegates to State Convention!

  • The best news from today is that the Chairman Gary Harkins resigned and I hope to never lay eyes on that corrupt RINO again...
  • Steve Gaines ran as a "conservative" in last elections is not at all, he's a full blooded RINO and has been excommunicated by all grass root Conservatives! He is one of the ones who betrayed us in RANKIN today.....

  • . I was an alternate delegate to the Rankin County Republican Caucus this afternoon. It was a joke and a bad joke. The outright underhanded way the meeting was conducted by Mr Harkins, the Chairman of the Rankin County Republican Party Committee, is a perfect example of why Donald Trump is trouncing the Republican party establishment. Harkins actually called for one of his minions to make a motion to nominate himself to continue as Chairman. The moderator of any meeting is not allowed to ask someone to make a motion. The moderator is supposed to remain a neutral party and conduct the meeting in an impartial, unbiased manner, using Roberts Rules of Order. After opening the meeting, the moderator opens the floor for business and allows the delegates to make motion(s). After a motion is made, it must receive a second BEFORE it can be discussed. What Harkins did for the vote for the Chairmanship was allow the second to be made and then IMMEDIATELY called for the vote, not allowing anyone else to make a motion to nominate another person or have any discussion about the candidate(himself). Harkins did the same for the selection of the members of the Rankin County Republican Committee. Each time he asked someone to make a motion, it happened. Each time, Harkins refused to allow any discussion on the motion after a second to the motion was made. Each time Harkins did this, he was loudly assailed by opposing delegates, calling points of order. Harkins refused to recognize the points of order or to allow any other delegate to make a motion, other than the delegate that he had already pre-selected to make his jury rigged motions. This was NOT an election. It was an APPOINTMENT by the Republican party of Mississippi to stack the the leadership positions to favor the RINO's.


  • To all my Rankin County Conservative friends: Today I am sad to inform you that the Rankin County Republican Executive Committee choose to once again shut out conservatives and their values. We the people were not heard. If you were not with the establishment you where not recognized or had any say. Never mind you are a delegate for your precinct you were not established so you did not count. It was literally a 3 ring circus in the courthouse. And for those of you whom thought Steven Gaines whom ran for a supervisor position this past elect was a true conservative lets just say he is as far from a conservative as any leftist I know. He voted with the establishment and as I drove away I told him he should be ashamed of himself. I am tired of established and I will continue to fight hard for we the people but we must build our masses. Things are very serious!!!!!!!  --Lisa Marie Stanley
Stay tuned for a video of the entire event, It will make for interesting viewing