Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Deace: Instead of journalism, Bill O'Reilly is practicing jingoism

From FaceBook post by Steve Deace

  • Fox Watch: So much for the No Spin Zone. Bill O'Reilly proclaimed last night that "all hell will break lose" if Donald Trump is not annointed at the Republican National Convention despite not reaching 1,237.
    Quite frankly, Bill, hell has better things to do. Majorities matter in America, the cultish rantings of Trump mob will become as irrelevent as they are incoherent if the convention is contested, and the delegates who pay their own way to the convention don't fancy themselves as mere rubber stamps for crass reality tv stars.
    Instead of journalism, O'Reilly is practicing jingoism with his insistance that a temper tantrum by a plurality is the Rosetta Stone for Election 2016. State by state, the delegate process is proving to be the true No Spin Zone as it vets the character and determination of each candidate while Trump apologists like O'Reilly insist on anti-Republican king making.