Friday, March 18, 2016

MSGOP Needs More Money - So they want to raise the cost of running for office on Mississippi

It's not exactly an MSGOP bill, as they cannot legislate, but Republican Senator Bill Denny says by raising the fees to run for office that the parties and the state of Mississippi would make more money.

  • House Apportionment and Elections Committee Chairman Bill Denny of Jackson said the bill would bring both parties and the state more money.

Since the Republicans gained control of the Mississippi legislature they seem to be hell bent on raising taxes and fees on Mississippians.  A gas tax increase here, a fee raised there

  • A bill that would raise the qualifying fees to run for political office has passed a Mississippi House committee. Senate Bill 2167 would require independent candidates to start paying qualifying fees and increase the fees party candidates already pay.
    Candidates for governor would pay $1,000, up from the current $500. Candidates for state senator and state representative would pay $250, up from the current $15. Independent candidates would pay the Secretary of State’s office and party candidates would pay their party.

  The measure now goes to the full House, which Republicans control,  for more debate.

It's actions like raising the candidate fee from $15 all the way up to $250 that makes it understandable why people might suggest that the GOP doesn't do much for poor people. They're certainly making it a little harder for them to run for any impactful office  in Mississippi