Saturday, March 5, 2016

Jackson County Supervisors Need to Represent Jackson County & Not the NAACP in State Flag Vote

According to a Biloxi Sun Herald article the Jackson County Board of Supervisors is going to vote on whether or not to continue displaying the Mississippi state flag on county property. In reality, it's a given and not even something that should be up for vote. As long as the flag is the official flag of Mississippi and Jackson County is a county within it, then the flag should fly. Wait until the state of Mississippi changes it as it is up to the state and NOT the NAACP. 

The NAACP plans to fill the meeting with NAACP members, which though that might seem impressive to some people, not everyone in Jackson County supports this effort by the NAACP. Hopefully the supervisors will make their decision based on the desires of their entire community and not just the NAACP.

Personally I do not and never have supported the NAACP's efforts on this issue (Yes, you can disagree with the NAACP and not be racist..contrary to what some of their members might suggest). . The move started after a shooting in Charleston in which a picture of the shooter was discovered  showing him holding a confederate flag. The shooter also said he did it because he wanted to start a race war. Well, with help of the NAACP he did as the NAACP started a war on southern history and culture. The NAACP along with the help of the Democrat Party has become the voice of intolerance. Banning books was once a corner piece of liberalism. Now banning history is a center piece. .

From the Sun Herald:
  • The NAACP is calling on all Coast chapters to attend Monday's Jackson County Board of Supervisors meeting which is set to vote on the whether the state flag will fly on county property. At issue is the Confederate battle emblem in the flag's upper-left corner."We will hold a prayer vigil and then take our seats in order to make sure we will be there en mass to witness what we hope will be the Jackson County supervisors doing the right thing," the Jackson County NAACP's Curley Clark said.
    "They'll either vote it up or down," Clark told the Sun Herald. "Whatever takes places in Jackson County will set the tone for whatever happens up and down the Coast. There are similar requests in Harrison and Hancock counties and my hopes are that it will spread across the state.

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  •  The issue is on the Board of Supervisor's agenda under Action Items simply as "Mississippi State Flag."When asked what he thinks the chances are Jackson County will vote to take down the flag, Clark said, "Things are changing from day to day. This week, we've had a Moss Point native who filed a lawsuit in federal court to have the flag changed."

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