Thursday, March 31, 2016

Donald Trump Propaganda Web Sites

The following is a list of web sites that tend to spin everything in favor of Donald Trump and push whatever propaganda they can from the “Trump campaign.”

NOTE: A majority of these web sites are also major click bait sites, so be prepared for lots of pop ups or ads hitting you once you enter if you look at them.



Americas Freedom Fighter (

Angry Patriot


Christian Telegram

Christian Times Newspaper

Clash Daily (Doug Giles)

Conservative Post

Conservative Treehouse

Constitution Rising/Rick Wells (

Drudge Report (Matt Drudge)

Ending The Fed (

Free Republic

Gateway Pundit (Jim Hoft)

I Love My Freedom (

Info Wars (Alex Jones)

Liberty Unyielding

Mr Conservative

National Enquirer

News Ninja (Wayne Dupree)

Prison Planet (Alex Jones)


Red State Watcher

The Marshall Report

The Political Insider

The Truth Division

Trump Election News (

USA News Flash (

USA Politics Today

World News Politics