Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Donald Trump Cult & the Evangelicals

The Donald Trump Cult & the Evangelicals
After some research I discovered it’s rather hard to define what the media and pollsters mean when they use the word “evangelical.” My research leads me to believe that when they use the word “evangelical” they are using it in a very broad all inclusive way. It’s kind of like a book store that designates a section called “spiritual” and pretty much every available “ism” is cataloged there. That discovery was encouraging to me because I was finding it a little disheartening that so many Christians might be following for the empty shallow rhetoric of Donald Trump. Though I think there are some Christians included, the real “Jesus Christ is Lord” Christians are not as numerous as the word “evangelical” might suggest.
I did a random sampling of 5 people from Twitter who self ID as “Christian” but also support Donald Trump. Many of them also ID’ed themselves as “Constitutionalist, “Conservative” or “Reagan-Conservative” and though another study could be done just one those words, this study just looks at the “Christian” Trump supporter.

Right away I was hit with this meme (at right). Does someone really thinks this means something? Are we to think that if a person holds their thumb up that suddenly they are copying Trump? Tammy4Trump thinks so .

Anna Teresa Arnold, who also uses Psalm 55:6 on her profile, uses a pretty common charge amongst Trump fans: “They lie.” Of course, this charge started with Donald Trump and just about every single one of them parrot it. In this case she is refuting charges made by someone who tried to point out one of the many Trump Doctrine errors. She went on: “They know they are lying. And don't care they are lying...about #Trump. They deserve to lose. End of story.” Jesus would be proud of that would He not???
But Anna is a true disciple as she also wrote #Trump is peace. Obama is war. #Trump is bring together. Obama is divide. #Trump is #America. Obama is some dumbass Islamic wickedness. “ Yeah, she’s just has “I’m a Christian” written all over her. Her devotion, however, borders on the very scary and an almost cult-likeness, as she again wrote “Trump looks forward giving strength to everyone. Has helped so many in his life. Few have walked his steps nicely.” She is, of course, describing a guy who has gone through several failed marriages, has been a womanizer, bullied people to get his way, swears like a sailor, lies when it is convenient, and is buying is way to the presidency of the USA, among just a few of his many personal character failures. If Anna is a Christian, than we all need to renounce our faith. She has lots and lots of other things like that but there’s only so much space to devote to just one Trump-disciple. 
Lodi Silverado calls himself “Pro-God” and “Pro Life.” He says he supports Trump for “Three main reasons. 1) I had already ruled the others out. 2) I believe Trump is a Patriot who can WIN 3) He FIGHTS” If one asks Lodi how Trump is a “Patriot” he considers it an attack and harassment. Lodi likes to make charges like this: “More lies. Where do you get this shit? CruzCrew? You’re parroting lies, dude. You need to do some research.” It is his average response to an critique while in return he parrots everything Trump says. Trump should trademark the words “lie” and “liar” and he’s make a fortune just off his own disciples. He cites that Trump once said he said he wanted to defund Planned Parenthood (he did say that back in 2013) but more recently said Planned Parenthood is a great womens organization. Trump has no concept of what “abortion” is except to use as a political prop. He also said that Trump wants to return health care to the private sector, when in just the last Townhall on CNN Trump said he liked the mandate...and has repeatedly said “everybody will get insurance and the government will pay for it.” 
It could very well be that a typical Trump disciple is not only a low-information voter, but the “Christian Trump disciples” are just as low information on the subject of what it means to be a Christian. Oh, is that judging?? Just last week, Trump thought the Pope had no business telling him he was not a good Christian. When asked on the Sunday shows why does he get to do it then? Trump denied that he ever did. Huh? Need proof he is lying about that? Just read his Twitter feed.

dawn goodfallow, who IDs that she “hearts Jesus”, retweeted this “When Donald Trump becomes President he has a chance to go down as one of the greatest president Americas has seen.” How can one even base such a grandiose statement? She is mostly just a retweeter but I noted the meme at the right. I would be curious if she even knows how many can actually say that?? And Trump not drinking? She needs to read up on him a bit. If those three things define “good family values” then, in her mind, all the broken marriages, broken relationships, womanizing, among other things don’t mean anything. “Good Family Values” seems to be load license. 
Then there’s the meme below. Truly Trump has become a cult. But the same could be said about Hitler when he rose to power in Germany in the late 30s. Now let me be clear. I am not saying Trump is Hitler. What I am saying is that their rise to power is very similar. Hitler promises Germans the moon and then after he took office pretty much retracted everything.

Christie IDs as a”Christian” and adds that “
if we ever forget we are ONE nation under God then we will be a Nation Gone Under.” But not enough, I guess, to pass around a photo-shopped meme with Ted Cruz and then claim that Cruz is doing stuff that is “underhanded.” But she did get it from another Trump disciple who IDs as a Christian named Eddie. There really is a Trump Train, but it’s Trump running over his disciples as they do his bidding. Trump speaks. His disciples follow and parrot everything. The fact that Trump offers nothing of substance is to relevant to low-information voters.

 This meme from twitter actually rather truthfully reveals a lot of truth about Donald Trump. Since he has no clue what is really in the Bible, he’ll just make it up on his own. They think it clever. But from the guy who lived his whole adult life and said he never had to ask God for forgiveness for anything I guess this is to be expected. Making his own Bible would keep him from having another “2” Corinthians moment.
I had another ten randomly picked out, but just the five mentioned here take a lot of space, but reveal a lot about the Trump disciples. They are truly not only low information voters...but are equally low information about what Christianity is and that it is far more than just a word to put on a profile on the internet.

But you can rest assured knowing that when the media says “evangelicals” that real Christianity has entered some new realm of darkness.

Sadly, I can probably write a dozen exposes on Trump and his disciples but Trump disciples do not care. That’s why they are Trump Disciples.