Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cheap Seat Report: Iowa Caucus Edition

An unexpected and icy cold front moved into New Hampshire overnight. Meteorologists had no explanation until they were informed that Hillary Clinton had arrived. With Bernie Sanders arrival bringing hot air and mixing with the cold front it is expected to create a very volatile mix. It's expected to last through February 9.

 With a close finish in Iowa, Hillary will have to step up her game and will likely start promising that her free stuff is even more free than Sanders free stuff.

 Hillary gave Iowans a farewell speech last night  while keeping an eye out for Feds coming her way with hand cuffs. The race had not been called yet as it was still too close to call. There was concern that if Clinton & Sanders tied, Martin O'Malley's voter would have to decide it. Clinton Voter Fraud was reported in one county. But, really,  she's always been so honest!????

 Martin O'Malley suspended his campaign and if Jim Gilmore quits his campaign they may  announce they will  become a folk singing duo. Jim Gilmore took  a terrible beating by "Other" in last results.  At one point, Gilmore had only two votes. Write in votes for Happy Gilmore were beating him by 6 votes.

Yesterday  the Trump team texted to reporters that "we've almost reached 50,000 Iowans." It would be 50,002 but they never  found those two Corinthians. In the end there were two things to be happy about: Cruz won and Trump didn't. You have to wonder if Donald Trump will remember this:

Most polls before the caucus showed Trump would win. Just goes to show it ain't over til it's over. Today, however, Donald Trump saw his shadow, so six more weeks of Trumpees screaming Iowa was rigged. Actually,  Trump saw his shadow and it looked liked Ted Cruz. And an added six more weeks of Twitter flames by Donald Trump.