Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Snark Retort: The Democrat Debate in Charleston, South Carolina

The Democrats had a a debate last Sunday night in Charleston, South Carolina. Just after the Whitehouse thanked South Carolina GOP Governor Nikki Haley for offering such a great State of the Union response. Also in the state where the Senator (Lindsey Graham) couldn't even poll in the top percentage in his own state in his failed presidential run. Also in the city where the tragic shooting occurred at the church where the NAACP decided to further the agenda of the shooter Dylan Rooff. Rooff wanted to start a race war. The NAACP started the ball rolling by declaring a war on flags and white southern culture. And, of course, the Democrats LOVE that kind of racist action. Anyway, without offering a pledge to America or a tune...the debate began:

Martin O'Malley says that the Democratic side of the aisle actually believes in science.
Math, however...not so much

 Hillary will be selling her husbands used cigars on E-Bay to fund her legal defense

 Hillary says a handful of economists endorsed her plans.
Isn't that special?? Undisclosed endorsements that dont mean anything.

 O'Malley slammed Clinton aboutt her "cozy relationship with Wall Street"... He's the only one up there with any real convictions. As few as that may be, anyway

 Democrats don't use the word "Constitution" very much..if at all. It seems to be anathema to them

 "The real issue is that congress is owned by big money" --Bernie, the congressman who did nothing about it as long as he has been in Congress.

 "Whenever anybody in this county is killed in police custody, it should automatically trigger" a DOJ investigation. -- Sanders
Shorter Sanders: Welcome to the United Police State of Sanders

 "90 people a day die from gun violence in our country." -Hillary
And about 90% from cities run by Democrats and ruled by gun control.