Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Mississippi Rep Steve Palazzo: Impeach Obama? Hell yes I would.

From FaceBook

Impeach Obama? Hell yes I would.

A lot of my constituents want me to impeach the President, and I agree with them completely. Time and again this President has failed to execute the law as required by the Constitution and has far overreached his authority as President. He is neither a dictator nor a king. Congress is an equal branch of government.
If impeachment were viable in the least, I would introduce it myself, today. But, impeachment requires 67 votes in the Senate and we only have 54, on a good day. The House would vote to impeach, but it would die in the Senate and only serve to rile up this President’s base.

There is no feasible method available to impeach this President with the current Senate. Introducing impeachment papers might make us all feel good, but it’s a losing proposition from the start. That’s why no conservative scholars are calling for impeachment. No conservative groups are calling for impeachment.
To get rid of this President, vote him and his party out in November so we can reverse his dangerous policies. All of them.