Saturday, January 16, 2016

Committee will make Recommendation on Senator Melanie Sojourner's seat on Monday

From Melanie Sojourner on FaceBook:

Thank you, again to everyone who has been keeping up with and praying for us throughout our election challenge process.
The court proceedings have concluded and the committee is scheduled to render a recommendation to the full Senate on Monday when they gavel in at 4:00.
Our quest has always been for the committee to determine that all votes counted in this election were cast according to the laws of our state. If they were not that they use the case laws upheld in our judicial system as a bases for determining the rightful winner.
From day one, Dearing has proclaimed that he believe the election workers did no wrong doing and that they did everything according to the law.
This is not surprising seeing how when Dearing subpoenaed myself and my witnesses for depositions the five poll workers mysteriously just happened to be there. During the deposition Dearing himself went to the back of the room and had a whisper conversation with these ladies. His attorney acted as if they didn't know who invited them to be there. But, on the witness stand one of the ladies said Dearing's attorney is who ask them to be there.

By the admission of Dearing's attorney, and as proven by the testimony of the Bude poll workers themselves, they willingly did NOT follow the law. They admitted assisting voters, while they voted their ballots, in a manner that previous court rulings call a "radical departure from mandatory provisions". These rulings have resulted in having the votes in those precincts removed from the election count.
The laws of our state matter. Lord only knows, when I didn't file a campaign report on time because, I lost my home in a tornado, I received public scrutiny delivered by the Sec of State for a year and had to pay a fine 10 times greater than what these poll workers have currently had to pay.
Whatever the wishes of the Senate may be, I will absolutely respect them. Regardless of the outcome I will continue to fight for our conservative beliefs against those who have allowed our state to be named the most corrupt in America.