Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Citizens Militia of Mississippi Urges State Legislators to Vote Against Bill to Change Mississippi Flag

From faceBook
About a year ago CMM made our position on the State Flag controversy very clear.
That was that it should be left to the people and if it is to change, put it back on the ballot and let the people vote.

Other than that statement we have kept, for the most part, out of the argument.
However, now there has been a bill introduced in the state legislature that would take the power away from the people. This bill would legislate a solution to this situation and completely ignore the will of the people.
It is the job of the legislature to SERVE the people, not to mandate to them.

This is a very sensitive issue, which is all the more reason to let the people vote.
CMM will always stand against injustice and at this point silence becomes consent.
So, now we ask not only our members but all citizens of Mississippi to call, email, FB, and any other form of communication you may have to contact your particular state representative, state senator and the Governor to let them know that the people of Mississippi will not be ignored any longer.
It is a very sad day in this great state when the government, the very people who claim to represent us, forces us to stand against them.

To any and all legislators who may see this I say:
You have forgotten your place.
You have forgotten who you SERVE.
Vote against this travesty called a bill and allow the Citizens of this state to be proud of our representation once more!
Robert Mitchell