Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Cheap Seat Report: Bernie Sanders Goes to a Townhall Edition

Bernie Sanders said last night that we need to take the cap off of taxable income.
In other words, if YOU want free stuff YOU have to pay for it. It's the perpetual contradiction that is the foundation of liberal economic policy.

 Last night Bernie Sanders said that "something is wrong when the rich keep getting richer and everyone else gets poorer."
In other words, it's a silly notion if YOU make more money that YOU should make more money.
His economic plan is simple: If YOU make more money YOU should make less money.
Apparently, in order to become a Democrat you have to prove that you don't know how to do simple math.

 This may answer the question "what will liberals do when they run out of free stuff?" Apparently they will simply put up a sign that says "We don't have any more." Problem solved.:

When asked about people he admired, Bernie Sanders said two of them were Franklin D Roosevelt and Martin Luther King.
Shorter pandering Sanders: I was a poor black man during the great depression....

 "No one who works 40 hours week should be living in poverty." -Bernie Sanders
Unless you work 40 hours a week and make too much money. Under the Sanders plan you have earned poverty. Under the Sanders plan you no longer have to choose your economic status...the Fed will.

 CNN's Townhall moderators asked Bernie Sanders what his parents think of him now. That had to have been one shining glowing moment for CNN to ask a presidential candidate such an important question.
Surely what Sanders' parents would think of him will stop ISIS and fix the economy. The 12 or 13 viewers that actually tuned in to the CNN townhall must have slept very well last night.

 At one point in the townhall last night, after being asked a question, Bernie Sanders said "This calls for a standing up response." Then he actually stood up.
CNN actually was able to film the move live and is without a doubt likely the most substantive move Sanders has made since he began his Whitehouse bid.