Monday, December 14, 2015

Paul Ryan Seeks to Turn the 2016 Presidential Election to the Establishment

A New York Times article summarized:

  • He (Paul Ryan)  invited the Congressional Black Caucus and other minority caucuses to a holiday reception and will try to reach beyond the Republican base. “It means show up and talk to everybody, appeal to everyone,” he said.
    And that will start with Republican primary voters, about a third of whom have been swayed so far by Mr. Trump’s recipe of strict immigration policies, tough foreign policy talk, blunt and highly personal critiques of his competitors, and a vague appeal for general greatness.
    “There is this real, palpable anxiety in the country” fueled by stagnant wages and slow economic growth, Mr. Ryan said, “and then you turn on the TV and you see ISIS, you see San Bernardino and you see all these security threats, and it’s like the world is on fire.”
    At the same time, “we have to make sure populism doesn’t trump individual rights,” he said. “It’s a distraction to prey on fears.”
In other words, Ryan is seeking to sway the election to go the way he thinks it should: Back into the mainstream of establishment Republicans, like himself...and the others who have lost along with him, like Mitt Romney and John McCain. Ryan doesn't get it. The most main stream establishment  Republican in the candidate list is Lindsey Graham and he can't even poll as a favorite presidential candidate in his own state.