Tuesday, December 29, 2015

NBC's Savannah Guthrie Tries to Claim Bill Clinton's Affair was Alleged. Trump Trumps Her with Reality

"Today" show host Savannah Guthrie gave former President Bill Clinton the benefit of the doubt on Tuesday, by saying his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky was "alleged."

Guthrie made the blunder while asking presidential candidate Donald Trump about his argument that Clinton's sex scandal was fair game if Hillary Clinton continues to argue that Trump is a sexist.
"You mention Monica Lewinsky," Guthrie asked. "Are you saying an alleged extra-marital affair, that of course he has now admitted, is that fair game?"

"Is it alleged? I don't think that's alleged," Trump pounced. Clinton's relationship with Lewinsky became clear after Lewinsky turned over a semen-stained dress of hers to investigators, and Clinton ultimately admitted an "improper" relationship with her in August, 1998.

"No, he's admitted it, he's admitted it," Guthrie agreed.
"If he's admitted it, you don't have to use the word alleged," Trump replied.

"Right, exactly," Guthrie said. "Are you saying an extramarital affair by Bill Clinton is fair game, is something that you think should be in the campaign?"

 "If she's going to play the women card, because I'll do more for women than Hillary Clinton is going to do for women, including the safety of our country, which is good for everybody," Trump answered.
SOURCE: Washington Examiner