Friday, November 13, 2015

Cheap Seat Report: Republican Presidential Picks As of Today 11.13.15

Following their last debate.

My picks up to now with information I have up to now: First off, I need to clarify that I am not a Republican, so I have no party loyalty to the Republican party and will never hesitate to throw the party under a bus. That said, I ID myself as more of a Constitutional conservative and the Republican party tends usually to have a better pick of candidates that lean that way. Also, my main focus is on religious liberty...and I have stated many times over the years that I dislike politics as a general rule....but will deal with it when it encroaches on religious freedom.. So, I look for the candidates who I think are most apt and able to address and protect that. Followed by illegal immigration, abortion, and the economy.

1)Ted Cruz. Another impressive debate with the right sound bytes in the right places. His simple flat tax plan would effectively end the IRS and, so, not only revising the tax code...but ending a lot of other federal tyranny with the same plan. The left is crying foul because such
a plan would cost the Fed money. There may be some initial cost......but in the long run.........the freedom to spend your own income goes back to you as a citizen. No one should be overly concerned with the gloom and doomers who feel the world would end if parts of the current governmental system would go bankrupt. Most of it should just by simple reaping what it has sown...but the rest of the Fed jumps in to bail it out. The federal government is a tyrannical monster with lots of evil tentacles.

2) Ben Carson. The attacks by the media have resulted in nothing except to reveal how crooked the media (like CNN and Politico) can be. But that really is not something we didn't already know.  Carson is a soft spoken outsider   and that is a large  part of his appeal. The attacks against Carson came just as he started to take leads in the polls. The Hillary Clinton campaign (aka, the mainstream media) did the best they could to protect their crooked leader but it all went awash.  Herman Cain got the same treatment from the media when he rose in the polls, but though he never admitted his involvement in the sexual harassment, his dropping his race left more questions than answers. As Carson has said, the media should vet candidates...they just need to quit lying about things when they do.   In comparison, though, the media still hasn't vetted Barack Obama and don't seem to be too interested in looking at Hillary.

3) Mike Huckabee. He hasn't polled up there with the big dogs yet, but his commitment is real. The former Baptist pastor has a strong commitment to religious liberty which is an important foundation to be addressing for America to remain the land of the free. When I observe strong Christian candidates I also see that the media tends to  avoid them altogether. But when they do they just don't seem to know how to handle it. It seems like if they suggest they understand then their piers would say they are not being objective. Big news media outlets tend to hire what they call "Religion Specialists" or "Religion Analysts." They tend to be as worthless as integrity in an Obama Department of Justice as they pretend to know everything about all the religions and after diluted analysis reveal they know nothing..and particularly nothing about Christianity.

4) Donald Trump. Last month he was at #3 but I see a few things deteriorating. Eminent domain, his tax plan, and his not so wise attacks on Ben Carson  suggesting Carson is "pathological." I still think Trump is the wild card and still the anomaly so I don't rule him out. Of all the candidates he is probably the one who would shake up DC the most and I don't see that as a bad thing. He is the best candidate on immigration and I concur with his views about Vladimir Putin and Syria.

5) Rick Santorum. He hasn't garnered the evangelical support like he did in his last run. Considering the state of flux "evangelicalism" is in right now I guess that's not to be unexpected. Santorum has a speaking platform as long as he stays in the race, but that's about it.

6) Bobby Jindal. I've liked him as a man of Christan convictions. I am beginning to have doubts about him as man of Christian convictions in a nationally elected position. Issues in Louisiana like unemployment and budgets are increasing as concerns. It gets a little hard to sort, though, since Louisiana--like Mississippi--runs ever  mean, vicious and corrupt campaign seasons. As Louisiana has been in the  process of electing a new governor, a lot of dirt got thrown Jindals way.

 7) Rand Paul. His libertarian ideas are some of the good things about him and his libertarian idea are some of the bad things about him. Like his dad, though, it would appear he would be weak on defense. He would be strong on a social issue like marijuana...but, frankly, no one should care what a candidates position is on marijuana. I certainly don't.  To me it's like asking the "boxers or briefs" question. There's far more important issues to address.

8) Marco Rubio. If it had to come down to it, he is probably the only establishment connected Republican I would be OK voting for. His immigration ideas are weak but not the weakest. (That designation goes to John Kasich).

9) Chris Christie. He can quite frequently talk the impressive talk. It's walking that talk that leaves some doubt in my mind. I don't think DC would be anything he would be interested in changing and would likely just assimilate within it.

10) Carly Fiorina. She is the Republican answer to Hillary Clinton: A female who talks out of both sides of her mouth. Her "I'm a victim because somebody said something bad about me and I am a woman" media tours are tiring.

11) Jeb Bush. What can be said about Jeb Bush that can't be summed up in a pretty lame retool of a failing political campaign that says "Jeb Can Fix It." If Jeb could fix it he could fix his campaign.

12) John Kasich. Nada. I'd take more time to write more about him but that's just "too much to do."

 13) Lindsey Graham, George Pataki and Jim "who???" Gilmore. [expletive deleted)