Monday, November 9, 2015

Why are Democrats So Supportive of Candidates they Don't Even Trust? --Hillary Clinton Edition

In a Feb 2, 2007 issue of "The Week," Hillary was drawn on the cover and the related article stated:

  • Last weekend, the former first lady and current junior senator from New York ended months of speculation over her White House ambitions by declaring, "I'm in, and I'm in it to win." But to win, she'll have to win over a lot of skeptics;  even many Democrats dislike and distrust her, and doubt she can win a general, nationwide election. Those doubts are well founded, said the Chicago Tribune in an editorial.  Hillary may begin her campaign as a front-runner, but 44% of voters already view her negatively....."Too edgy," says the critics. "Personality problems. Most unusual and complicated marriage in history. Flubbed up health care. War vote. Liberal." 
So why do Democrats keep wanting to do it again???