Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wednesday Read 11.01.15

You can count on this: the mainstream media today is in the habit of telling you what it wants you to hear, and not telling you what it does not want you to hear. Long ago impartiality, neutrality and objectivity were abandoned, replaced by partisanship, agendas, and indoctrination.
Those who control the media control the flow of news and ideas, and in contemporary Western culture the media is overwhelmingly in the hand of the secular left. They determine what is news and what is not news. Therefore those who rely solely on the MSM we never be properly informed about what is really happening.
One will certainly never see the graphic reality of what an abortion actually does. We may see dead and bloodied whales or seals featured regularly in the MSM, but you will almost never see a dead and bloodied baby – the real outcome of the “pro-choice” position.
Nor will you hear about all the dodgy abortion clinics and all the botched abortions and hurt women. It takes the alternative media to cover such stories. --Bill Muehlenberg 

  Maine Attorney General Janet Mills filed a civil rights lawsuit against Lisbon Pastor Brian Ingalls for peacefully preaching a pro-life message outside a Planned Parenthood facility in Portland. Abortionists appealed to the pro-abortion Democrat AG saying that pregnant mothers inside their facility could hear the pastor's concerns about “murdering babies, aborted babies’ blood and Jesus.”  --Reuters

Yesterday morning right before last night’s Fox Business Network/Wall Street Journal debate, Ted Cruz courageously revealed his Spending Cuts — 

Ted Cruz:  …First, to begin the process of reducing the scope and cost of government, I have identified the Five for Freedom: During my first year as President, I will fight to abolish:

(1)  the Department of Education
(2)  the IRS
(3)  the Department of Energy
(4)  the Department of Commerce
(5)  the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)

Going even further last night on the Megyn Kelly Show, Ted Cruz stated, “I have been campaigning for a long time on repealing Common Core, abolishing the Dept. of Education, and block granting that money back to the states so that education can be handled on the state and local level.”

Ted Cruz’s statement is music to the ears of millions of Americans who are watching their children (1) lose their confidence, (2) cry and fret over their Common Core homework, and (3) become indoctrinated into Obama’s social justice agenda.

Ted Cruz’s statement is also music to the ears of millions of American teachers who know instinctively that their students are being deprived of a well-rounded education and that their students’ knowledge level is going down while their indoctrination level is going up. 

If each person is able to construct a personal reality, to define words in any which way, to determine personal right and wrong, then everything becomes meaningless. What is right for one is wrong for another. What one word means for someone can be entirely different to another. While the two individuals may get along for a while, who is to say that when one chooses to steal, rape, or oppress that it is wrong? As for appealing to the ‘do no harm’ principle, again, that is merely one form of truth if all truth is relative. Again, wrong and right are personal decisions, including issues of ‘harm’.
That even applies to racism, sexism, classism, and homophobia. To one person, racism may be wrong, to another it is right. Same for sexism, classism, and homophobia. Again, if truth or morality is relative or a social construct then how can it be any other way?
In this moral framework the outrage we feel is real, but only real within the dominant social construct. The only way then to fight the injustices defined by the dominant social narrative is to maintain the power structures necessary to maintain the social construct that tells the public that certain things are right and others are wrong.
In other words, social constructs have little to do with what is ultimately right or wrong, just or unjust, but rather about the power to perpetuate themselves. --Intellectual Takeout