Thursday, November 12, 2015

Some Ole Miss faculty, staff, students & athletes are in support of the University of Missouri Protests

Hotty Toddy reports:

  • The protests at the University of Missouri are still going on and at Ole Miss some faculty, staff, students and athletes are in support of the protests. On Monday, the University of Missouri system president Tim Wolfe announced his resignation after several Tiger football players said they would not play again until Wolfe stepped down.

    Players and other students at Mizzou have been upset with the way the university has been handling racial issues.
    At Ole Miss, the William Winter Institute expressed its support for the protestors on social media. On Facebook they shared several articles related to the events at Mizzou. Melody Frierson, youth engagement coordinator for the Institute said they posted these articles to inform students at Ole Miss about what is going on across the country.
    “We are supremely proud of the students there,” Frierson said. “Young people around this nation are rising up. We have seen this on our campus they are saying no to injustice…. They want people in power to be held accountable for not speaking up on these issues.”
  •  Ole Miss NAACP President Buka Okoye believes in the opportunity for change in social racism at all universities across the nation. Okoye has been in contact with some members of the Missouri protest group “Concerned Students 1950,” and he is in support of their protest. ‘We’re related, a win there is a win here,” Okoye said. “We’re fighting for restructure and revamping of these universities. We need them to be inclusive for all people and that’s what we are going to continue to fight for.”