Sunday, November 1, 2015

Sen Melanie Sojourner: EDUCATION... my position and a few FACTS you should know.

From FaceBook:


I've been quoted saying, "I don't believe public education is a constitutional right. I believe it is a privilege paid for on the backs of hardworking Mississippians."
And I strongly believe we have an obligation to make sure every child has access to a quality education.
Education should focus on the needs of students and teachers. And parents should have choices in what's best for their children.

I have faith in teachers and principals. We should empower them and give them the resources needed to teach. We must get Jackson and DC bureaucrats out of their classrooms and allow them to do their jobs. They know what is best for our children.
In the past four years I've supported the bills that are now funding education at the highest level in state history. Including, the states 2nd largest teacher pay raise.
Out of every dollar you pay in state taxes roughly 45 cents goes to K-12. It jumps toroughly 60 cents when you include colleges and universities.

I believe this shows the commitment lawmakers and taxpayers have to education. But, the legislature has a responsibility to be accountable with your money.
During the past 8 years the administration portion of student cost has risen by 47%. While the instructional portion has only risen by 6%.
This is INEXCUSABLE. More money is simply not the answer. Getting money to the right places is. Money without education reform is not going to address our needs.

Also, I have supported every appropriations bill to fund our colleges and universities the past four years. I've just only supported borrowing money for them when it was responsible to do so.
I'm committed to our children. To our teachers and the future of education in our state. But, I'm also committed to the taxpayers and we must manage education responsibly.