Friday, November 20, 2015

Rep Trent Kelly: We cannot destroy terrorism by solely playing defense.

In the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, I understand how the debate has veered into discussing Syrian refugees but I think it is important to discuss our overall national security strategy. Currently, this administration refuses to even acknowledge we are at war with radical Islam and has no strategy to eliminate ISIS. On the day of the violent attack in Paris, President Obama said in an interview that ISIS was contained and their efforts had been stalled in Iraq and Syria. This administration has consistently underestimated the fight against ISIS and it is long overdue for the United States to lead the world in a coordinated and comprehensive strategy to eliminate radical Islamic terrorists. We cannot destroy terrorism by solely playing defense.

In order to address these threats, Congress has passed the National Defense Authorization Act which requires the administration to submit to Congress a comprehensive strategy to eliminate ISIS. It also includes language that specifically requires a strategy for Syria. Acts of terrorism seek to disrupt our way of life, destroy critical infrastructure, and target our people. Each time they strike, the American people are unified and stand in solidarity against acts of such depravity and violence. Terrorists do not understand our humanity, independence, or strength and that is why we will not fail. The world is safer when America leads and our commitment to eliminate the threat of ISIS or any other terror organization that seeks to do us or our allies harm must be steadfast.