Thursday, November 12, 2015

Random Thoughts about Hillary Clinton and her Military Career

Hillary said she tried to join the Marines. Every Hillary story has an antithesis story also told by Hillary. Her attempt would have been at the same time she was protesting the war and campaigning for anti-war candidates. . She said in the debate that "every candidate changes their mind at some point." Hillary, however, seems to live in the changed and the unchanged mind at the same time quite regularly.

 Hillary Clinton lives in two worlds. Unfortunately neither of them is earth.

 Somewhere in another dimension Hillary Clinton did get into the Marines and was stationed in Libya to protect a US Ambassador.

 Hillary said she was rejected by the Marines for being "too old." The story is her way of showing how she has suffered discrimination for her age and sex. If she would have mentioned she was also black at the time she could have covered the race discrimination part also.

 Still waiting for the day Hillary tells us about the day she was shot by the police for minding her own business. But even she knows that story line is too far fetched because everyone already knows Hillary never minds her own business.