Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Per the #SPLC, if you are anti-illegal immigration & pro-English--you are a White Nationalist

The Southern Poverty Law Center hasn't had any credibility for years and especially since they became the epitome of left wing hate manufacturing groups.  NOT just a hate group, but a hate manufacturing group. They tell the dim bulbs on the left who to hate and who to manufacture outrage at.

As an example, I came across this today from their own publication. The SPLC defines a group called "the Social Contract" as "a Michigan-based publishing house that routinely puts out race-baiting articles penned by well known white nationalists."

When actually, the group addresses these issues:

  • Human Population issues, including absolute size, rate of growth, and distribution. Do cherished American ideals prosper or suffer through further population growth?

  • Immigration issues. In order to best facilitate meeting the highest goals of the American people, (1) how many immigrants should we admit? (2) who should be admitted? And (3) how can we humanely enforce the rules?
  • Language, assimilation, culture, and national unity considerations. What shared values are necessary to the maintenance of our social contract?
  • The balance of individual rights with civic responsibilities. Since the previous issues are so often framed in terms of rights, what are the balancing obligations?
  • Other nations' efforts at creating and guarding their own social contracts. What practical insights can be gained from observing the failures and successes in nation-building by other societies?
So given their poor definition of reality, the SPLC posted an article announcing that Kansas Secretary of Kris Kobach spoke at a White Nationalist Event. 

See how the left creates racists??