Wednesday, November 4, 2015

NAACP chapter president and Democratic strategist L. Joy Williams refers to Ben Carson as a "Safe Negro"

O’Brien Murray: It was his attack of Obama, and frankly a black man attacking a black president, which is something people get away…
Williams: And that’s where we are.
Murray: When you talk about it years ago, remember he stood in front of the president and he made his bona fides originally attacking the president face to face, at a prayer breakfast, mind you.
Williams: The really important thing of people supporting him because it’s, oh, there’s another black man commenting or — negatively against the president, and I don’t feel comfortable in doing so because of the race factor. So here’s someone who can do it that’s kind of —
Murray: Not at all. The question was what was he doing. He was attacking the president, and he was going after him in such a way that was very well pointed out, where the issues were with the president with Obamacare and other things. Given his narrative and history and his bio, which is fantastic —
Williams: Which is one n terms of having the, I was going to say, having the “safe negro” comment on someone that you’re against.
Murray: No, not at all!