Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Cheap Seat Report: The FBN/WSJ Republican Debate 11.10.15

CNBC has just announced that Hillary Clinton has won tomorrows GOP debate

 All the Republicans going into tonights debate all have one bright shared consolation: None of them are David Vitter.

 Looks like the new season of "The Voice" is going to get a new viewer tonight. That George Pataki supporter has to do something....

 Hillary"s campaign is saying they will not watch the debate and instead are going to be "moving our country forward." They didn't explain what country is hers and where they are gong to move it, though.

 Only 35 more days til the next GOP debate

 If the first question to all the candidates is "would you sign a pledge to not stab anyone?" then you know Fox Business is gunning for Carson.

 "The reason we lose nationally is because we try to be a cheaper version of the Democratic party." --Bobby Jindal

 So far Fox Business isn't fueling a cage match between personalities. A debate that stays on topic seems rather bizarre just for not being bizarre.

 Christie has deflected a question about himself 3 times now and diverted it toward Hillary twice and Obama once.

If there's a drinking game where you drink every time a candidate says "I'm the only one", then those playing will pass out long before round two on the big stage.

 Jindal wants to fire everybody in DC. Personally, I lean more toward a straight out deportation.

 Megyn Kelly just blamed the candidates for the Fox News debate kerfuffle. She says she was trying to do it like Fox Business just did it.

 FBN pundits are giving the win to Christie for first debate. I have to lean toward Huckabee. Christie avoided directly answering the most questions..followed by Santorum. .

"We need more welders instead of philosophers." --Marco Rubio

 Kasich doesn't care who's here if they are already here.

 Who cares what the Clinton campaign high fives, Jeb. Hillary high fived her staff after the Benghazi hearing.

 WINNER: "We would see stories about the economic calamity" of illegal immigration if journalists' wages were affected" --Ted Cruz

 "I want a government so small you can't even see it." --Rand Paul

 So far so good: Half way through the debate and Ben Carson hasn't stabbed anyone yet.

 "If Republicans join Democrats as the party of amnesty, we will lose" --Ted Cruz

"More words in IRS code than in the Bible." --Ted Cruz
and in may respects they have the same penalties.

 "We should vet all candidates. I have no problem with being vetted. What I do have a problem with is being lied about and then putting that out there as truth." --Ben Carson

 Score again:
"If you think defending this country is expensive, try NOT defending it." --Ted Cruz

 Trump playing the peacemaker among the candidates?

 I think I'm with Trump on this one. (His views on Russia and Putin)

 "We shouldn't have another financial crisis".-- Jeb Bush
Whats scary is that I think that is the complete Jeb Bush economic plan.

 Shorter John Kasich: I would let the government do what it has always been doing. I would just let it do what its always been doing better.

"Thank you for not asking me what I said in the 10th grade" --Ben Carson

 Fiorina has already started her "Trump picked on me " media tour. I didn't think she would start on it til tomorrow.

 "You can never say something is never going to happen" --John Kasich.
Actually you can: Kasich will never be president.

 Whine of the Night:
"We Can't deport illegals, there are too many of them." --John Kasich

 "In the two hours of this -- of this debate, five people have died from drug-related deaths, $100 million has been added to our national debt, 200 babies have been killed by abortionists, and two veterans have taken their lives out of despair. This is a narrative that we can change, not we the Democrats, not we the Republicans, but we the people of America, because there is something special about this nation, and we must embrace it and be proud of it and never give it away for the sake of political correctness." --Ben Carson closing remarks

 Over all, I think FBN did a good debate and stayed mostly on target with important issues and not personality driven. A few times I think moderators started to lose control but they reeled it back in and with that many egos on a stage I could see why that would happen.. I thought Cavuto was taking the Bank of America question to Cruz a little personal...but otherwise OK. IMHO