Thursday, November 19, 2015

Cheap Seat Report: Watching The Media do Media Stuff

Columnist HA Goodman makes it clear that the key to winning a presidential debate are not the issues, but whetheror not you are a Democrat with his latest column being titled "Bernie Sanders Won the Debate. Hillary Clinton Evoked 9/11 and Sounded Like A Republican."

Why is it that no one within the Muslim community there in France knew what these guys were up to? Because it seems to me that this was a pretty big plan. Surely someone beyond the seven guys who’ve been killed over the last 48 hours would have to have known something and that was probably within the Muslim community but yet no one said anything.”  --John Vause [CNN] 11.15.15

The wage for race baiting is apparently pretty good: Sharpton got a 70 percent raise from his nonprofit last year, bringing his compensation above $412,000. It maybe classified as a "non-profit" but that's a matter of perspective. Sharpton is personally making a profit 

CNN reporters standing near where a raid is actively going on in France. The OMG responses every time they hear a gun shot is rather dramatic. Thats what you get when you take a microphone to a gun fight.

The CNN promo for the next Republican debate makes it looks like a cage match. Maybe that's what they have in mind

Frank Corder is a writer at "Yall Politics" here in Mississippi and  is pretending to be "peacemaker" while making charges against anyone who dares criticize what he thinks the MSGOP is:
"There is a small but vocal faction of voters who desire Republicans to be ruled more by emotion than results, not unlike Democrats or the backers of Initiative 42 this very year. Hype is used to grift. Personal gratification and raising their own name ID are valued over the good of the whole. Accusatory press releases are sent out to try and maintain some semblance of relevancy. " It's clear he is aiming at Chris Mcdaniels and people his circles. Corder's candidate Thad Cochran is doing a bag-up job adding to the national debt. Something Corder doesn't understand that his kids will have to pay for.

Univision chairman Haim Saban, said that he believes the government needs to increase its scrutiny of Muslims in the wake of recent terrorist threats to the United States.
I presume it's so there is more room for unscrutinized Mexiacns.

People magazine has announced that David Beckham is the sexiest man alive. Write in votes included Kanye West, Brad Pitt and Hillary Clinton.

 "Media Matters" is claiming that Ben Stein said outright that Obama hates America because he is black. Stein qualified that he didn't know: