Sunday, November 15, 2015

Cheap Seat Report: Saturday Night Live from Iowa Democrat Debate

The Democrat response to last weeks Saturday Night Live will be the Democrat Debate this evening in Des Moines. The humorous scripted skits will be given in the form of debate answers from questions given by the mock journalists at CBS news. Bernie Sanders will double as the musical guest

 CBS News made some debate changes and are going to address more foreign policy issues in tonight's debate because of the attacks in Paris last night. The Bernie Sanders campaign is throwing a fit because it cuts down his time to talk about giving free stuff.

Question we won't hear:
To Hillary: WHY should YOU be treated differently than any other Criminal? Because you're a woman?

Boy: "Dad! There's an old man named Bernie walking around the neighborhood asking all of us to "Feel the Bern" and offering free candy. Should we all just run away?"
Dad: "Yes......Yes you should.....we all should!."

 Shorter Clinton: It's not our fight. The USA will not lead against ISIS. We'll just help anyone who does.
O'Malley says it IS America's fight.

 Sanders says the worlds biggest threat is Climate Change and climate change causes terrorism. ‪#‎Doh‬ No wonder he didnt want to talk about terrorism tonight.

Fact check: Clinton has never apologized for Iraq. She said it was a mistake, but never said “I’m sorry.

 I wasnt sure at first, but Bernie Sanders is saying "mooslim."

NOW, Hillary is wanting to know if other countries will stand with US in Syria. Five minutes in and she already changed her position.

 Hillary doesn't understand why terrorists act like terrorists.

 They're throwing around the words "muslim," "Islam," "jihadist," "radical Muslim" like they're interchangable, until the moderator points it out, then they back off. They may mean the same to some, but not to Democrats, yet they apply them as the same until someone points it out to them. Then its backpeddling time.

 Good grief. NOW Hillary wants to screen refugees for our safety.
Unless they're Mexican..then it must be OK

 Hillary is all over the board on her positions with foreign policy. Does she even listen to herself??? How can anyone for that matter.

Hillary is Ok if you have to pay $250 a month for prescriptions. That should make you sick.

The candidates suddenly got lively and animated because they are talking about free stuff

 Hillary needs to clarify whether she is speaking with her right-brain or left-brain before answering any questions

 When Democrats use the term "middle class" it's a red herring. It's never meant anything to them

 Bernie says no one can live off $12 an hour. But his web site says he pays his interns $12 an hour.

A Catfight between Hillary and Bernie could liven this up

 "Don't impugn my integrity" declared Hillary Clinton, the only one of the three candidates who may be facing indictment on federal charges,.

 Here comes the gun control segment...........................It's always amusing that they decry current issues because of the failure of political leadership......but none of them will say Obama or mention that he has been president for 7 years now,..

This love-hate thing between Bernie and Hillary is sickening. Get a room already.

 Moderators  need to ask Hillary  about her Marine record.

"What do you tell a young African-American looking for "hope"?
  Hillary's long list didn't mention why she as a white person can do what Obama as a black person couldn't do.

 "I don't think taxpayers should be paying to send Donald Trump's kids to college" --Hillary Clinton
Leave it to Hillary to make up an issue that is not an issue.

What I have learned so far from tonight's debate:
If you watch it really really close you actually can see paint dry.

 Hillary's line about not wanting anyone in Iowa administering her Health Care is another red herring. She wants the Federal Government to do it and always has.

 The moderator just started them on final statements. It's like sitting through a long dry 3 hour sermon and hearing the pastor say "And in conclusion.." Life starts to return

 We're not at war with Islam…we’re at war with violent extremism." —Hillary Clinton
But..............Extremists who happen to be Islamic.

 A Democrat Debate is a passionate Fact Checkers Dream Come true.