Saturday, November 14, 2015

Cheap Seat Report: Attack on Paris

Report from the cheap seat
UPDATE: since this post, The wife of Eagles Of Death Metal drummer Julian Dorio has told The Washington Post that the band members are safe. “We are just holding our breath and saying prayers for everyone,” she says. “He called to say that he loved me and he was safe. Everyone on stage was able to get off.” French president François Hollande has declared a state of emergency and closed the country’s borders."

Obama doesn't want to speculate on who might be involved. When someone yells "allahu akbar" and then starts killing people that is his standard response.

 Paris under mandatory curfew. They have not had a mandatory curfew since 1944

 Sky News reporting 158 dead so far

One of the jihadists apprehended stated, "I am from the Islamic State."
"Let's not speculate." --Barack Obama

Side note: Former Vice President Al Gore was doing a live stream benefit for climate change from the foot of the Eiffel Tower and had to stop it becuz of the attacks.

 Geraldo Rivera is suddenly more concerned about policing ISIS here as his daughter is in Paris. She's Ok, but, sadly, some of these news people dont get it (or a lot of things) til it hits their own home.

 The UN has just condemned the attacks on Paris. That oughta fix things right up.