Thursday, November 19, 2015

About that so-called transgender baby: There was no miracle or man who gave birth

No man had a baby, though if you saw the way the transgender crowd is telling the story you might think otherwise. If you look closely at the story you see that it is actually more proof that you just can't change your sex by making a declaration and having an operation.

Fact is that the person who had the child was born a female. 
  • In 2013, about a year after they started dating, Kayden and Elijah Coleman of Philadelphia found themselves rushing to tie the knot. Kayden, who was born female but was at that point a decade into gender reassignment therapy, had stopped taking hormones for six weeks to undergo a double mastectomy, and soon learned that his aching back and bloated belly were in fact clues that he was 21 weeks pregnant, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

And she is is still a female. She just seems to choose to look like a man and wants to be called one. Women are still the only human creatures designed to give birth.