Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday Read 10.27.15

The holding of a door for another does not promote sexism or patriarchy; it specifies service, virtue (in a minor way), and respect.
The use of proper words does not reveal how uptight a person is, but how much they value another.
In so many ways, we moderns and post-moderns have turned the world of our grandfathers and grandmothers on its head. And, the more we do it, the less we realize we are doing it. Bad is good, evil is interesting, truth is subjective, and beauty only in the eye (or mouth and ear) of the beholder.

Hillary claimed then, as now, that key documents had disappeared. Her more recent claim that many of her e-mails had been deleted was just Hillary 2.0. Only after three years of stalling and stonewalling on her part has the fact finally come out this year that those e-mails could be recovered and now have been.
By this time, however, Hillary and her supporters used the same tactics that the Clintons used back in the 1990s — namely, saying this was old news, stuff that had already been investigated too long, that it was time to "move on."