Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thursday Read 10.29.15

A recent survey proves the success of public education indoctrination of children against freedom of politically incorrect speech:  A majority of college students across America believe that colleges should not permit faculty or students to speak freely because "hate speech" is against the law.  One-third of respondents indicated they were NOT familiar with the First Amendment of the Constitution ("whatever THAT is!"), while others say it is "outdated."

From "It’s Free Speech Week, and why some colleges hate it" by Hoppy Kercheval, West Virginia Metro News 10/29/15

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) reports at least 240 instances within the last decade where students and/or faculty made concerted efforts to block speakers because they thought their views objectionable.

Just last week, the invitation to conservative author Suzanne Venker to speak at Williams College in Massachusetts was rescinded by the student group that invited her because other students objected to her controversial views on feminism. . . .

The First Amendment Center’s Gene Policinski said the political correctness of college campuses is depriving students of a valuable part of their education. “Eliminating the serendipity of discovering other viewpoints or the intellectual challenge of confronting persuasive views that differ from our own drains both the meaning and value of free speech.”

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“What it’s turned into is ‘Gotcha!’ And that’s silly,” Carson said Thursday in reference to the debate hosted by CNBC at the University of Colorado. The retired neurosurgeon, who has surged in the polls recently and is leading the GOP pack in Iowa, called for longer statements from candidates and more time to answer questions.
Carson credited Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who had one of the night’s standout performances, for pushing back amid the questioning. “This is not a cage match,” Cruz said before blasting the media as distrustful.
“I think the Cruz missile helped. That was excellent,” Carson told reporters before a rally at Colorado Christian University that attracted over 1,500 attendees. “It was a good way to use the Cruz missile. The whole format was just craziness.”  [Real Clear Politics]