Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The #DemocraticDebate the Way I saw it. #DemDebate

Liberal Debate Rule: The winner of tonight's debate will be the one who can promise the most free stuff to the most people. Sanders is the early favorite.

 There was  plenty  of time for Mitch McConnell to get into tonights debate with all the rest of the lefties.

Even before the debate began, CNN declared themselves the winner of the DNC Debate

 "At Dem Debate, Hillary will demonstrate her high level of intelligence by managing to remember, on every issue, the side she's currently on." --Mike Huckabee

A debate, or else there is a pant suit convention in town
 Chafee's claim to fame is "I have had no scandals." But isn't a scandal what qualifies a person to run for president as a Democrat?

Shouldn't Hillary be debating herself? The position she holds today against the one she held yesterday??

 "We're not going to separate you from your baby"- Bernie Sanders. Unless Planned Parenthood does it, then we will pay for it.

So far Sanders is winning for offering the most free stuff to more people

 Instead of blaming Obama, they went  all the way back to George Bush

 "Putin is not feeling too nervous or scared. ‪#‎DemDebate‬" --Donald Trump

 "I wish CNN could have squeezed more commercials into this." --said no one.

 Do black lives matter or do all lives matter? None of them say that all lives matter....Webb finally did but changed the subject real quick to black lives matter.

 If Hillary doesn't want anyone to know what she really thinks on an issue, she just says "It's up to the state."

 Sanders says Climate change is a "moral issue." It's right there in the Bible in that book between Genesis and Exodus.

 Hillary earlier in the debate said she can work with both parties but then toward the end said that she was most proud of making Republicans her enemy. She changed a position so quick lots of people missed it.

Chafee and Sanders plugged their web sites.

 My takeaway from the DNC debate:
Democrats don't have a problem with corruption and will protect each other if they are involved.
Expense for whatever they propose is irrelevant.
5 white people explained how integrated their party is.
Chafee is apparently a real person and is not made up. And he votes for stuff he never read and has personal excuses for it.
Republicans are the enemy.
All of them said the economy is bad, but none of them would blame Obama..but instead went all the way back to Bush

Climate Change is the most important issue Democrats face.
All gun violence is the NRA's fault.
Democrats are mostly clueless about foreign policy, but they have memorized some gratuitous soundbytes to make it sound like they know something.
Hillary wants to be the first woman president. Of course, if she was elected she would really have no choice, would she??