Friday, October 2, 2015

Random Observations 10.02.15 #wordslingerfiles

According to the Chicago Tribune, 96 people have been shot in Chicago in the last week (since Sept 25). That's almost 16 per day. Chicago has very strict gun control laws.

Army Vet Chris Mintz tried to stop the shooter but got himself shot seven times. Mintz knew he was in a "gun-free" zone and obeyed the school's policy.

In the 12-minute Speech on Oregon Shooting yesterday, Obama Referred to Himself 28 Times.

After destroying Chicago public schools, and then working at destroying the nations schools with programs like Common Core, Arne Duncan is resigning. Obama quickly named a replacement, John King, who has spent time destroying schools in New York City with the same agenda but even more aggressively.

The good news so far is that Obama has not said "if you like your gun you can keep it,"

LA Times reporting that Oregon shooter did not like black people. Suggestion for NAACP to call for a ban of:
The Oregon flag, body armor, and I'm throwing in pancakes because he might have had pancakes for breakfast

For the record. though Oregon has a concealed carry law, the campus was still a gun-free zone. The media seems to be pushing the concealed carry narrative. In Oregon, the right to bear arms is protected by Article 1, Section 27 of the Oregon Constitution.

Three websites that are usually good to use as a way to verify news stories: Raw Story, Crooks & Liars, and PoliticusUSA.
By "verify" I mean that whatever they report as "news" means that what really happened is usually the opposite of what they report..

Wolf Blitzer claims he has never seen Obama so angry, emotional and "shaken up." Wolf needs to get out more. .

Shorter Obama: It's the nations fault (except for him because he told us just a few months ago)

A "gun safety law" = "ban" in Obamanese.

Obama is about to get on TV and tell the nation tell how outraged he is at what happened in Oregon. The details are still under investigation, but of course, not having facts has not ever stopped Obama from sharing his opinion before. The two words he will likely use most are: "i" and "guns"

 But the Oregon campus was a "gun free zone." ......

 The fact that Mars seems pretty desolate and NASA has discovered what appears to be some sort of liquid that they cannot even get to proves one thing about the planet: At one time it must of been a planet run by nothing but liberals.

 We are now begging the Russians to negotiate with us ... so they don't shoot down our own airplanes. The biggest humiliation of all is that the Russians today said they are the only air force flying legitimately over Syria, because they have the permission and request of the legitimate Syrian government, and we are violating international law with our missions over ISIS. ---Charles Krauthammer

 Cecile Richards and Hillary Clinton should book a cell together in know...before any more Democrats get indicted.