Monday, October 12, 2015

One Note About One Quote: Dylann Roof's NAACP Sanctioned War on a Flag Edition

Curley Clark

It hurts me, as a Mississippian, to know that fellow Mississippians are not sensitive to a large percentage of the state.”- President of the Jackson County NAACP Curley Clark [10.12.15]

Z Richards
Z-Note: Since it was the NAACP that started the attack on southern culture, it should come as no surprise that the ones they perceive as the "offenders" are the ones who are "not sensitive." It's simply the result of a, ignorant agenda which the NAACP perpetrated in compliance with Charleston shooter, Dylann Roof and his wishes to start a race war. The NAACP immediately took the bait and started one.  And you do not believe like they are the insensitive one. No one was ever killed for anything at any time by a flag. It's just another stupid war from people who would rather react than think.