Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Jackson Free Press Publisher Unleashes his Hatred of all the Haters Who Don't Think Like Him

Todd Stauffer, publisher of the Jackson Free Press, thinks Republicans hate democracy, and immigrants, the law, and education. That's just a few of the things Stauffer addressed in his Op/ed in the JFP [Do the Anti-42 Politicians Feel No Shame?]

To begin with, of course, when someone starts an article with the question he poses, you know it's likely to be a whiney rant and Stauffer did not hold back. In fact a little cheese to go with his "whine" would be appropo.

He begins:
  • Do you ever wake up in the morning and wonder why Mississippi's Republican Leadership seems to hate democracy so much?
    I get that they hate Democrats; they can't even get their name right. (It's the Democratic Party, not the "Democrat Party." Wonder how many times we'll hear that this political season.)

    But what I'm talking about is "little d" democracy—you know, the "of the people" thing—and specifically when it comes to Initiative 42, the ballot initiative designed to get the Legislature to follow its own Mississippi Adequate Education Program formula when it sets the budget for state public-school funding.
You can read the entire article through the link above.

On a side note, it's rather revealing when he writes:

  • Education is the bedrock of economic development. It's the primary foundation of success in the global economy of the 21st century. It's so much more important to invest in than failed ports, wood-into-diesel startups or tax abatements for big-box retailers. Public education should be a non-negotiable in the state's budget, just as the law set it up to be.

Clearly he has drank the progressive koolaid. Government should not even be involved in education, but they eventually took control of it and use it to push their agendas, which, as Stauffer points out, is global in scope. Not pro-America, but global. The end goal of public education is to create citizens loyal to the state. That is one of the major reasons why they don't like religion in public schools. Religion divides loyalty from the state.  It is also the reason Common Core is so important to enact on a nationwide scope. Common Core will help get all the schools on the same page. In order to progress, history has to be rewritten in order to further a global agenda and Common Core will help with that. It will also aid in changing student that which is acceptable on a global level. In short, Public Education teaches the Religion of the State.