Monday, September 14, 2015

Trump is Ruling Because of the Failure of Republican AND Democrat Party

 On the previous post, I placed a MEME REPORT from Laura Ingraham about how the rise of Donald Trump was the Republican party's own fault. She is right. But I wish to extend the blame and say it is also a failure of the Democratic Party. I mean, come on, the Democrats are running a candidate who seems more suited to go to prison than the White House and a self proclaimed socialist. And as plan B they're looking at a guy who fondles females in photo ops and no one knows what he will say next.

 In the last few decades the two parties have become more and more entrenched within themselves and self-absorbed. It has gotten to the point that there is rarely any real effort by any politician to do anything for Americans and the citizens who voted for them without first and foremost towing their party's line. Republican and Democrat Party First. The People Second. In some cases the people third and the politicians themselves being first or second. The end result is that the worst compilation of political dung now rests and works inside the city of Washington DC. And then they use the media to spin their stink and try and make it smell like a rose. It doesn't work and the people are tired of it.

And to make matters worse,  the media actually thinks they are delivering some kind of grand service (or to their sponsors, anyway), and  they pass the drivel on to the citizenry, call it "news" and apparently don't think the citizens of the USA  can figure anything out  without their help.

We all need to adapt the attitude of Howard Beale and let them know that we are made as hell and aren't going to take it anymore. Many people are and instead of using Beale's words they are lining up to support Donald Trump.

Rush Limbaugh also addressed it today on the radio:

Unless you literally don't notice it, or if you do notice it and think it's unsophisticated, unrealistic, or made up/comprised of ignorant people who don't understand how Washington works or what have you. Whether they do or don't, it's still their country, too, and they vote.  And they have something that the people inside the Beltway don't have, and that is they have to live with what comes out of there.  They have to live in sanctuary cities.  They have to live in crime-ridden neighborhoods. 

They have to live in this country where 94 million human beings are not working.  They have to live in this welfare state.  They have to live in areas where hospitals are closing because the emergency rooms are overrun and nobody pays and they can't afford to stay open.  None of that describes life inside the Beltway or anywhere else that people like that happen to live.  They're able to insulate themselves from it, and it's more pronounced as a factor today than it ever has been.

So I think it would help to come up with... If you want to talk people out of supporting Trump (which is what I gather the effort is) by warning them he's not conservative, that he's fooling them and he's really a Democrat in sheep's clothing -- if he is, then it's just gonna be more of the same, because clearly there isn't any Republican opposition in Washington that can be spotted.  The thing Trump has going for him, whatever else you might want to add to the list: None of his fingerprints are on any of the stuff that has happened that people are angry at, opposed to -- and, frankly, scared of.