Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Government Should Not be Involved in the Marriage Process at All

If today’s activists cared about stopping government corruption as much as they do about “marriage equality”, governments would soon no longer be involved in marriage. The problem with government sanctioned marriage is not that it’s unequal, but that we have allowed the government to take away rights and freedoms from us all, and then say, “But if you pay a fee to get a license (I.E. a marriage license) we'll give you back some of your freedoms.” This creates the illusion of inequality, when the real problem is tyranny. The best to this is to get governments out of marriage altogether, before more churches in more countries are forced by governments to do things they don't believe in. Letting the churches and individuals decide what's right for them – not the government – will result in a less confrontational solution then the current movement for “marriage equality” is creating.


Instead we could allow anyone who wants to be legally bound, to go to their private lawyer’s office – or fill out a form on – to say they want to be civilly united with another person, based on mutually agreeable terms; up to and including the sharing of any part or all of their finances, medical decisions, etc.; regardless of the romantic or sexual nature of the relationship, which should be a moral and social issue, not a legal one. -- Seth Hollist