Monday, September 7, 2015

Random Observations 09.07.15

It's official. The Iran deal is a "pretty good deal" because Colin Powell said so. ‪#‎Fail‬

 With just a few exceptions, The same crowd that is so vocal about Kim Davis not doing her job has fallen rather silent over the Muslim air attendant who was suspended for not serving alcohol and is demanding her job back.

 Lefties don't understand what the word "religious" means in religious freedom, So they make every effort to change the narrative to something they understand: hate

 The same people who are saying Kim Davis should go to jail because by not issuing same-sex marriage licenses it is illegal; are the same people who are saying that immigrants that break the law should be ignored and given citizenship.

 Hillary Clinton told Andrea Mitchell that she "didn't stop and think" about using her own email server. We've already had two terms of a president who doesn't "stop and think" about what he's doing.

Hillary knows very well that Republicans arent terrorists. If they were, Obama would have already been working with them.

 Obama visited Alaska to tout climate change and change the name of a mountain. No report whether he addressed the anchorage baby issue.

 Someone told me I should get in touch with my "feminine" side, but I assumed that meant i would have to burn down a house over a text message. :-)

Don't know if they planned on it, but Twitter seems to have successfully corraled all the most unstable people on the internet into one place and got them to communicate in140 characters.

 Peter should have claimed the football that hit Marcia was underinflated.

 I'm still wondering if the Monkees are putting people down now that they have a lot of free time...

 I wonder what people who type "ur" and "ppl" do with all the time they save.

 I thought about moving to Hollywood once, but I figured I would just feel know.. not being gay and not having a map anyway..

 I evaluate a presidential candidate by this criteria:
I figure that
first) anyone who wants to go into politics is a complete idiot.
second) anyone who would really WANTS to be president is a fool.
Having the field leveled and nothing but fools and idiots to evaluate...I work up from there

 There's no b, c, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, n, o, p, q, r, s, u, v, w, x, y, or z in team either. So there.

 Prosperity preachers and most political candidates preach the same thing. One claims the Bible and one claims American law. Both lead to eventual disappointment. Merica