Sunday, September 20, 2015

Obamanista Regime Invites LGBT Activists to Proselytize the Pope During Whitehouse Visit

“It is so fitting that the least friendly administration to religion in history would invite a collection of pro-abortion nuns, Catholic gay activists, assorted dissidents and religious rebels to attend Pope Francis' visit to the White House on September 23.”
-- Bill Donohue, president of Catholic League
-- From "Vatican expresses irritation with WH over guest list" by Jesse Byrnes, The Hill 9/18/15

The Vatican is expressing displeasure with the Obama administration's move to invite certain LGBT activists to the White House for Pope Francis's visit next week, The Wall Street Journal reports.

A senior Vatican official told the newspaper about worries that photos with transgender activists, the nation's first openly gay Episcopal bishop and another activist could be interpreted as a papal endorsement.

The Vatican official said the presence of several of the activists was irritating given that it is unclear whether the White House has yet invited any anti-abortion advocates, a top issue for U.S. bishops.

White House aides on Thursday evening downplayed differences between positions of the pope and the Obama administration, instead focusing on potential areas of mutual interest, such as climate change.

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