Friday, September 11, 2015

Montel Willliams is Actually a Bit of a Social Hypocrite

He comes off as some sort of self-proclaimed spokesman for peace between issues when he is on a TV show, but outside of that he really isn't.

Note that Williams retweeted this, so neither of them were actually off social media. 6 hrs ago would have been about 9AM on 911

"you're an idiot or racist"

Williams defines who "bigots" are (mainly people who disagree with him when he is spouting his "social justice."

He mocks the way people look and the things they wear. The so-called "scarecrow" was Kim Davis husband.

His critic seems actually a wise observation

He justifies himself by claiming that the people who he mocks and insults are not being mocked or insulted...just their ideas. (like Kim Davis' husband in overhauls?)

He wants "respect" from people who disagree with him, but does not offer the same courtesy to those who he disagrees with. (ie, religious freedom, etc).

Again, more insults

"American English" is in the dictionary.

And last (just for this post) but certainly not least, (I only went back about 5 days)  Williams loves to hit people with "you should be ashamed of yourself." People who use that generally use to to inflate themselves to a place where they believe they can deflate others. Simply, it's an arrogant maneuver.