Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Initiative 42's Liberal Hillary Clinton Connection via Burns Strider

Burns Strider (born January 3, 1966), a native of Grenada, Mississippi is a political, non-profit, and government relations consultant in Washington, DC. 

He was Senior Advisor and Director of Faith and Values Outreach to presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. (Well, you know, because it's Hillary Clinton and she doesn't know anything about "faith" or Christianity until she consults an adviser). Strider is a co-founder and principal at The Eleison Group; co-founder and President of the American Values Network; and Vice President of American Bridge 21st Century and Senior Advisor to Correct the Record.

Last May, an article by Strider was published at the Huffington Post which is dedicated to pushing the agenda of Inititiave 42. 
He says:

  •  Initiative 42 was placed on the ballot by nearly 200,000 Mississippians from members of both political parties in every county who signed petitions saying "enough," it's time to fix this longtime malady, it's time to teach and prepare our children. Initiative 42, if passed, would hold Mississippi's legislators to their word by following the letter of a law they passed in 1997 promising to fully fund the schools.
    Initiative 42, as a native Mississippian, matters to me. It should matter to us all. I'm glad it matters to more than 60% of my fellow Mississippians who have said they want the public schools funded.
    Initiative 42 matters to a group of dedicated and hard working Mississippians who have raised more than $2 million and organized as 42 for Better Schools to pass this important initiative. 
What Strider fails to mention is that the initiative allows a judge to enforce financial budgets...which is great for the schools to grow a budget and just get a judge to enforce it.  And if you follow school districts, you know that they tend to raise their income needs quite frequently. The problem is that money that is needed, and than demanded by a judge, will likely have to come from taxes--or, rather, raising taxes and/or state fees. It would also require a change to the state Constitution. Which then could set a precedent for Do you want a judge deciding what is best for your kids??

The rest of Strider's article is here